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Korean saxophonist CHOI JAE-MOON graduated from Mokwon University and obtained his Master of Music degree from Yonsei University.

He was awarded second prize in the Yongsan Art Hall Chamber Music Competition and is a third prize-winner of the Music Association of Korea Competition.

He has performed widely across South Korea including engagements with The Korean National Chorus, Si-heung Orchestra, Andiemuzik Philharmonic, Korean Symphony, Suwon Philharmonic, Daejeon Philharmonic, and Ditto Orchestra. He has also performed with the Yang-ju Wind Orchestra and Yonsei Saxophone Ensemble.

Choi Jae-Moon is a member of the M&M Saxophone Quartet.

He is currently professor of saxophone at Mokwon University and Baejae University. He also teaches the Woosong College Saxophone Academy. Choi Jae-Moon is an artist-in-residence at Daejeon Art Center.

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