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Handmade Wooden Reed Cases

Bambú’s Wooden Reed Cases are 100% handmade with premium quality wood. They have been specially designed to guarantee an optimum care of reeds. Their practical and original slide system with neodymium magnets ensures secure closure.

Wood is a porous material and allows
the essential air circulation in order to
accumulate only the necessary amount of moisture, helping thus to extend the lifespan of reeds. Solid lumber which has been air-dried for at least two years is used for this purpose.

The interiors are made of high-impact plastic injection and have been designed to store and protect reeds preventing any kind of physical alteration.

1_guardacañas_8bis OK.jpg

Bambú’s wooden reed cases are hand polished and coated with six layers of polyurethane
paint. This process provides high resistance to stcratches, bumps or any damage that may result from use.

The wooden exteriors are manufactured by the artist Carlos Lebaggi: “It is my intention to work these reed cases in the same way as when a violin or a guitar is made. All the processes are done manually. The materials and tools used for their confection are the same as the ones used to make musical instruments.”



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