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NOVA is the first ligature to combine woven strings with a mechanical adjustment and an attached pressure plate.



Its woven system allows a unique vibration of the reed and together with the pressure plate, it provides a wide variety of sounds. The innovative adjustment system provides a wide range of tension possibilities which help control the vibratory energy of the reed. 

NOVA ligature has been designed as an option that exponentially enhances the properties of traditional ligatures.

The incorporation of a pressure plate and the precise adjustment system provide as a result many different sound possibilities and a great comfort in the adjustment and handling of the reed.

This ligature has been developed with the idea of generating an expansive sound, with projection and enhancement in warm colours. This allows the deepest area of the spectrum to be integrated into the total sound of the instrument in a balanced way.



After attaching the Nova Ligature, adjust as necessary to achieve the desired sound.


During the first few days, the strings will begin to naturally settle and copy the shape of the mouthpiece. During this period, it may require several adjustments to reach the final shape.


The adjustment system is developed to withstand high forces without altering its operation, breaking or being damaged. However, after the first weeks of use, when it takes its final shape, we recommend not over-tightening the screw as it will reduce the vibratory capacity of the reed.



The pressure plate can be attached in many different ways. All are valid and you can choose the way that is most comfortable for you.



This is an example:

Press with two fingers right in the center, causing the ligature to bend inward.


Place the plate where you pressed.

Try to center the plate in the middle of the ligature.

Press the plate towards the woven strings with two fingers to hold it in place.


Once placed, you can move the plate until it is centered. Surely you will need to make several attempts, using your mouthpiece until the plate is perfectly placed, but once you achieve it, you will not have to do it again.

 Dynamic breadth, diversity of colors, variety of articulations.

• Expand your sound possibilities. Take them to the limit to break it.

Sound free of stridency, balanced harmonics.

• Warm colors define the sound essence of the clarinet and saxophone.


Sound that integrates the entire spectrum in a balanced way.

• In latin, profundus does not always indicate a downward direction. Sometimes it can also be what moves inward until it reaches its limit. Profundus can be the highest altitude in the sky or the density and thickness of the interior.

Sound that flows; clear reach in each register.

• Etymologically, "throw forward". It is what drives you to move forward, to continue on the path, even in the most difficult moments of your career.


Because we consciously innovate,  expanding from depth, projecting from our human, musical essence, from our warm embrace.